Our Story begins here.

by Daniel MasukelaSept 8th, 2017

PLUG ONE Films is a production company focused on innovative concepts with a fresh approach. The combined experience of the in-house team covers award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos, short films, live events, and new media content. The company consists of three departments: for live-action production, post-production (editorial, visual effects), and original music and sound design.

Our in-house resources and wide range of executional expertise allow us the rare freedom to create and communicate complete concepts, from inspiration to production, in engaging and innovative ways. We tell stories through every possible medium, not because the medium is what’s trendy but rather because it is what makes strategic sense. From digital initiatives to traditional and new media, we work to conceive it, make it and deliver it straight to your hands.   



Our team of filmmakers, communication studies professionals and creative marketers use their experience in strategy, design and technology to forge emotional connections between brands and consumers across a variety of media and technology platforms.

We work closely with our clients, network, and brand partners to integrate their visions into the DNA of the content we create. Our job is to help them get their stories across on those screens that are wired to the Internet, mobile devices and more.


Because the opportunities for reaching an audience are constantly changing, PLUG ONE FILMS identifies itself with many different business categories. Our work encompasses everything from TV commercials, viral videos to mobile apps, web marketing and beyond...


Today’s fragmented, multi-platform media landscape demands customized, creative solutions to drive unique, successful brand engagements. At PLUG ONE Films we develop key strategic insights and operational tactics that consistently prove instrumental in crafting brand programming converting the hearts and minds of consumers.

We are fortunate to work with incredible directors and communications professionals who have enjoyed tremendous success, and who have received just about every international award. We encourage a future without creative boundaries providing a training ground for the next generation of entertainment innovators of all stripes. Our roster of agencies and global brands are a testament to our level of creativity and the the most exacting level of production.



In order to create lasting bonds, we learn where our audience is headed and how we can meet them there. Insights become opportunities, opportunities become ideas, and ideas are engineered into reality and integrated across multiple brand touch points. Throughout this process, we use good to feed other good.


Every brand needs a home;a personalized, integrated environment that supplies information and drives publicity.  Our responsibility is to attract fans on social network websites and increase engagement such as site
registration, traffic, media interest, and overall community interaction.  We help our clients determine the right strategy when diving in, and of the elements they need to complete the puzzle.